Millions of Children Need Support from their Community. 

When children and teens have positive influences and reinforcement from their community, they are more likely to avoid risky behaviors, and succeed in academic and extracurricular activities. Our Youth Empowerment Programs pair local military veterans and volunteers with participating youth organizations. With the help of our equine partners, Take the Reins St. Louis supports local military veterans and youth by offering exciting events and opportunities.





Our Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapeutic Programs for military veterans are specifically designed to combat the symptoms of mental health disorders that face many return-home soldiers.

Youth Empowerment 

Equine-Assisted youth

hancenhance social competencies that are lost to impoverished and at-risk youth with the goal of building core values for our future leaders.



Our leadership program is a unique day experience that emphasizes corporate team-building exercises through horsemanship to supporting businesses in the St. Louis area.



We encourage everyone to contribute to the Equine-Assisted Learning and therapy programs that we offer - we're always excited to welcome new members to our team. As a volunteer, we train you to help work alongside veterans and youth in the St. Louis community.

For more information about available opportunities, please contact us with your specified interests.

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