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Founded in 2016 to serve St. Louis. 

Of the 180,000 men and women who enter the military each year, 1 in 5 will experience a mental health disorder after returning home.Many suffer from mental health challenges that stem from trauma, leading many veterans to experience PTSD and depression without treatment. With Equine-Assisted Learning and therapy, we are able to address any existing complications, and help veterans overcome common post-military conditions.

40% of children in the St. Louis area live under the line of poverty, and 1,600 children are finding themselves placed into foster care every year. Among stability, social and cognitive growth are essential in the early stages of development, and our equine-assisted programs are proven to aid in personal development and self-awareness.

At Take the Reins, we volunteer our services as a St. Louis nonprofit to serve the hardships of military veterans and at-risk youth with the power of Equine-Assisted Learning, providing confidence, companionship, and a lifetime of community.

Empowering Lives Through Horsemanship

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